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Gun Shop Owner Deemed Justified In Shooting Death Of Looter In Philly

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — During the chaotic rioting and looting in Philly last week, an unfortunate time when opportunistic criminals were taking advantage of peaceful protests of the death of George Floyd, a gun shop owner spent the night in an apartment above his shop.

He was there because of the looting taking place, and didn’t want anyone breaking in to steal guns and ammo.

People did break in, however, and he ended up shooting and killing one of the armed intruders.

District Attorney Larry Krasner on Friday announced charges against one of several men accused of attempted robbery at a South Philadelphia gun shop earlier this week, only to be met by a gun-wielding owner who fatally shot one and wounded another.

Krasner also said the owner’s actions were “justified.”

via fox29.com

“The facts we know and the law are clear that the business owner’s use of force while inside his own property against a burglar accompanied by others who was entering with a gun in his hand was justified,” the D.A. stated in a news release. “It is fortunate for the City of Philadelphia that this large cache of guns and ammunitions were not taken and sold on the street.”

The owner woke up after hearing the sound of breaking glass, and immediately checked on his surveillance cameras. After making contact with them, one of the would-be looters pointed a gun at the owner, and that’s when he fired the shots.

Looting was occurring all over the country, and we covered multiple instances where citizens were defending themselves against these criminals. There were also occasions where they should have defended themselves.

At the very least, the push for gun control died over the last few weeks, as anyone still believing that they don’t need to be responsible for their own safety is no longer a thing.


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