[VIDEO] FedEx Truck Attacked By Rioters, Driver Hits The Gas, Dragging Man Underneath Truck For Blocks


I get the protests. I do. Protest as much as you can, and get your voices in front of officials. I’m with you. I support you. Geroge Floyd should no have been murdered.

But this. These actions by rioters. This is not a part of the way to change.

And make no mistake; there is a HUGE difference between protesters and rioters. HUGE.

If people are forced into dangerous situations, who have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on, it should be no surprise when they take actions to defend themselves and/or get away.

Stories of truckers being attacked have been circulating, and these attacks are likely because the people attacking are interested in the contents of the truck.

Having friends who are truck drivers, many carry firearms. That’s just a word of caution for anyone thinking to knock off a truck with it’s driver inside.

Leave the honest and hard-working people alone. These drivers are the ones who get items to your stores, groceries in your shopping cart, and so much more.

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