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Armed Looter Fatally Shot By Gun Shop Owner After Attempting Break-in

PHILADELPHIA, PA — A man was shot and killed after police say he was confronted by an armed business owner as he broke into a gun shop.

That armed citizen, owner of Firing Line Inc, had stayed inside the shop for the night after looting became a problem in the city as a result of ongoing riots.

He saw them breaking in while monitoring his surveillance cameras, and was ready if they made entry.

It was just after 4 a.m.

“One of the individuals that broke into the property, pointed a handgun at him,” Chief Inspector Scott Smalls told FOX 29’s Steve Keeley. “And that’s when the store owner fired his own weapon — striking the one perpetrator at least one time in the head and he collapsed, dropping his gun between his legs.”

via Fox News

The suspect was pronounced dead on the scene. At least two other suspects fled, with one later showing up at a local hospital with a gunshot would to the shoulder.

Citizens are arming themselves across the country inside their homes, and business owners are doing the same. We’ve also seen a few examples of armed citizens helping to secure businesses from potential looting.

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