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Chicago Business Owner Holds Looter At Gunpoint After They Tried Breaking Into His Business

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — The owner of a smoke shop decided to stay close to his shop because of the looting, and it quickly turned into a reality just after 4 am on Monday. He slept in an apartment above the business, and…

Awakened by the sounds of breaking glass, he grabbed his handgun and rushed to the store downstairs with another person. There, he saw a group of men wielding hammers. He told them to stop, but they started surging toward him instead, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said in court Monday evening.

The shop owner told police he fired his gun to make the men back away, but he didn’t know how many shots were fired. Most of the men ran from the store, but the owner managed to grab and handcuff one of them, Murphy said.

via cwbchicago.com

That man, a 22-year-old, was arrested on multiple charges and sent to jail.

The store owner, a concealed carry permit holder, did not hit either suspect during the incident.

Chicago has come under siege with looting and rioting, following protests across the Country for the death of George Floyd, who was killed by police in Minneapolis.

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