Business Owner Guards His Livelihood From The Roof, Armed With A Rifle And Armed Buddies Below

We’ve seen numerous instances of citizens ready to defend themselves from looters, rioters and violence, and it’s becoming more and more prevalent as the days go on. Nearly a week into violent riots that have begun to spread across the Country, more of these armed citizen actions are being seen.

Real photo. Owner of Boost Mobile store waiting for looters. This some shit from the movie Purge. Now business owners get to exercise their second amendment and defend their stores.


Two others can be seen to the right of the photo, both armed and ready to defend the location.

It’s a real thing, and we’ve seen countless instances where people are attacked and unable to do anything about it. The thing is, you need the right tools to get the job done.

I spoke with a friend earlier, who was helping a friend guard a gun shop that was on the outskirts of some chaos in their neighborhood. They’re armed, trust me.

It’s happening all over the Country, and it’s not only business owners. Every American who owns a firearm should have a plan to implement that firearm, should danger come their way. This goes for normal everyday life, but it’s even more important when shtf, like we’re seeing now in many locations.

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