Woman Shot And Killed While Tracking Stolen Vehicle With Apple AirTag

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA — Four individuals implicated in the murder of 61-year-old Victoria Anne Marie Hampton have been apprehended in Southern California.

The tragic incident occurred when Hampton traced her stolen car using an Apple AirTag and confronted the suspects without police intervention. She was fatally shot during her attempt to retrieve her vehicle.

Following an in-depth inquiry, the Bakersfield Police Department identified and located the suspects across various cities. Arrested without incident on June 20 were David Thompson, 19, in Bellflower; Adam Ransom, 18, in Lynwood; Joseph Bush, 23, in Anaheim; and Giovanni Garcia, 19, in Long Beach.

These individuals are now in custody facing charges relating to the homicide.

It is crucial to call police when something like this occurs, and not take matters into your own hands. There is no way of knowing who you’ll encounter or what they’re capable of doing, and sadly we see in this instance that the suspects were absolutely capable of the unthinkable.

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