DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Homeowner Confronts And Shoots Intruder, Plus Many More Examples


HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS — A home intruder broke into a guy’s home at 9 PM and was shot twice.  As county law enforcement reported to KHOU, surprise, surprise, the homeowner is home, sees the dude breaking in through the door and gets his gun.  The homeowner shoots him twice and puts him in serious but stable condition and patiently waits for police to arrive.

Now, normally, we’d all be absolutely surprised that a home intruder breaking in during people’s “normal home hours” would be unexpected.  Who expects to get broken into while he’s home?  You’d think the burglars would wait until at least the homeowner is likely either asleep or away at work.  Well, this burglar must have graduated towards the tail-end of his class because he got shot twice.  He survived and Harris County deputies were all too happy to wrap him up and send him to the hospital.

Harris County, Texas.  This county seems to constantly make the spotlight for dumb burglars, robbers, and criminals.  Your guess is as good as mine why they don’t figure it out but we’re going to lay out just the unsuccessful burglaries and robberies we’ve gotten so far in 2015 for this ONE county.

2015 Houston/Harris County FAILS (for criminals/WINS for gun owners):

  • Burglar is shot and killed and his buddies get charged for his death?  December.
  • Houston woman shoots armed robber after he gets into her car.  November.
  • Neighbor stops half a dozen men from burglarizing a house next door.  November.
  • Three armed intruders open fire on homeowner and get schooled?  October.
  • Two thugs find out the person they’re trying to mug is a concealed carrier.  October.
  • Armed intruder gets shot even before he makes it through the door?  Also, October.
  • Masked intruder dead in the yard after meeting homeowner in his kitchen.  August.
  • 5 AM Break-in leaves an armed intruder dead and family shaken.  April.
  • Ex-boyfriend attacks with brick, shot by new boyfriend. Also, April.

And there’s plenty more…

We don’t cover all of the successful homeowner self-defense stories from Harris County because, to be honest, there’s so many of them.  Harris County and Houston-folk, great job so far this year.  You’ve shown the country what good, judicious marksmanship and responsible firearm ownership is all about — protecting your family, yourself, and your property.

You’d think with all the dead, dying, and injured burglars and robbers recovering or pushing up daisies in the Harris County area, these folks would catch on that breaking in during “normal home hours” is about as far from smart as possible.

Now, granted, Harris County also incorporates Houston — a large metropolitan area with plenty of dumb criminals lurking about.  They obviously don’t read Concealed Nation or they’d have a heads-up that maybe it’s time to change career fields or consider relocating to New Jersey.

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