Home Invasion Suspect Gets Fatal Greeting At The Front Door


LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA — An alleged home invasion ended almost as soon as it began when the homeowner fatally shot the suspect.  Robeson County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a person shot during an attempted home invasion at 4133 W. Carthage Road in Lumberton around 11:08 p.m. on January 12th.

Upon arrival, the found a deceased male at the front door of the home. He was identified as Sylvester D. Hunt, 24, of Lumberton.  The home is owned by 54-year-old Amos Jacobs, who was home alone when the incident occurred, according to Major Damien McLean of the LCSO.

A statement from the Sheriff’s Office reads in part, “No charges will be filed against the homeowner. The investigation is ongoing.” The RCSO Homicide Division is now in charge of the investigation. “Investigators are conducting interviews to determine if any accomplices were with Hunt at the time of the attempted home invasion,” McLean said.

Home invasions can happen at anytime and anywhere. The homeowner in this case stopped the threat at the front door, but many homeowners aren’t as fortunate. We see too many stories where assailants are able to enter the home without resistance, often injuring or killing the occupants. Good home security practices include keeping foliage trimmed to eliminate possible hiding places and dusk-to-dawn or motion sensing exterior lighting. Locked windows and doors, alarm systems and alert dogs can provide another layer of deterrence and early warning.

A firearm that is safely secured but readily accessible to responsibly trained adults will allow the occupants to mount a formidable defense against any intruders. Finally, a good handheld or weapon-mounted flashlight is an absolute necessity after dark to allow the homeowner to positively identify any possible targets.  Far too many children, parents, spouses, and neighbors have been wounded or killed when homeowners thought that they were shooting at an intruder.

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