Masked Intruder Found Dead In Yard After Confrontation With Homeowner In Kitchen


HOUSTON, TEXAS — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office is still investigating a home invasion that left one intruder dead, sources report at the Houston Chronicle.  Authorities confirm that they’ve learned of this pre-dawn raid-turned-foul only after showing up at the scene where neighbors held a dead intruder at gunpoint.

Apparently, a man had entered a home in the early morning hours only to run into the homeowner in the kitchen.  The homeowner reported that his dog awoke him around 2:35 am and he went out to investigate, pistol in hand.  Wise decision, sir.

It didn’t take him long to encounter the intruder in his kitchen.  It’s unknown whether the intruder was armed but the homeowner certainly was.  He allegedly discharged his pistol multiple times and the intruder ran off only to fall flat in the yard.  Neighbors rushed to the homeowner’s defense and held the intruder at gunpoint until authorities arrived.  Needless to say, the intruder didn’t make it that long.

While authorities are still piecing together everything that happened, it appears that this case will likely be ruled self-defense.

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