Texas Woman ‘Cool As A Cucumber’ Shoots Armed Robber After He Got Into Her Vehicle


HOUSTON, TEXAS — Unlike the bad shoot that we just reported on, this story comes out of the same state and happens to have a woman behind the trigger as well.

Except this time, the trigger pull was justified.

A woman in her 30’s pulled into a gas station and while she was still seated in the drivers seat, a man opened her passenger-side door and sat down. Once inside, the man produced a knife and told the woman that he was there to rob her.

The woman told the robber that she would hand over her cash and reaches into her purse, but instead pulls out her firearm and shoots the robber.

He was struck once in the shoulder and collapsed about 1/4 mile down the road while attempting to run away.

The robber was flown to the hospital because of severe blood loss and was last listed in stable condition. He now faces a charge of aggravated robbery.

This is a justified self-defense shooting. This is not.

This woman’s life was clearly in danger once an unknown man got into her vehicle armed with a knife. If that doesn’t justify the use of deadly force, I don’t know what does.

An important thing to note with this particular story is how important it is to do the following things when out and about: 1) make certain that you are always aware of your surroundings, especially when pulling into a new location such as a gas station; and 2) keep that passenger door locked while you’re in the vehicle by yourself.

You can even take it a step further and keep all vehicle doors locked until you are ready to get out. It’s good practice and is useful for your entire trip. Say you’re at a red light and someone tries to open your door. Once they find that it’s locked, they’ll need a second to come up with a different plan, and that’s one extra second you have to GTFO of harms way.

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