Homeowner Shoots And Kills Burglar While Hiding In Closet — Burglar’s Buddies Charged With His Death


HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS — In the State of Texas, if you’re involved in the commission of a violent felony and one of your partners gets killed, you can be charged with his death.  Never has there ever been more of an incentive to “leave no man behind” than when breaking the law in Texas.  Fortunately, one home owner was able to make that dream a reality for two burglars.

According to the Houston Chronicle, three armed criminals invaded the home of a man and his family.  The family scattered and hid.  When the criminals came looking for the man, he hid in a closet.  Their worst move was going in after him.  According to police, the man shot one of the crooks through the door of his closet.  All the thugs got gone but apparently that shot must have hit one of them pretty bad.  When the police pulled over the vehicle, one of the burglars had died in the backseat after succumbing to his wounds.  His two fellow accomplices are now in lock-up on charges of murdering him through their own idiocy.

Who says Texas law don’t make sense?

In Texas, murder is a capital crime.  These two men tried to escape on foot and sorely for them, they were caught, tagged, and bagged.

Not everything turned out so cheery for the homeowner, though.  Harris County deputies found drugs inside his home when they responded to the call.  Deputies believe there may be a connection between the men robbing the home and the drugs inside.  I wouldn’t say that’s too far fetched.

And now the homeowner is also facing charges related to the possession of illegal drugs.

It’s a dangerous world out there for bad guys.  Good home defense — bad career choice.


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