Four Men Enter, Three Men Leave! Home Invasion Turns Into The Thunderdome After Homeowner Confronts Intruders With A Gun


DALLAS FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Dallas police confirm a late night break-in at a home in East Dallas. The homeowner was able to repel the intruders with the aid of his gun. One of the suspects was shot and the rest all quickly decided to pile out of the home.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Dallas police confirm possibly four males entered the home. One was shot and there is no further report on his status. Because of the scant details released during the investigation, we’re left to conclude that is appears like a situation that could have gone much worse had the homeowner not been armed.

For awhile, we’ve talked tongue-in-cheek about how home invasions really don’t have a lot of good planning involved. A home intruder will break into the home, run into a gun-wielding homeowner or occupant and then try his luck and get shot or be smart and run. Not too much solid strategy involved in either side. No stealth, just brute force and surprise when that doesn’t work.

Well, these thugs are taking it a bit more seriously. They brought numbers. Having four people break into a home versus one or maybe two significantly raises the odds that you will be able to overpower a lone defender. It’s no guarantee and it’s a whole lot easier if the homeowner or occupant isn’t armed.

However, just because you have a gun doesn’t guarantee your odds any better on a four-versus-one sort of fight. There’s a lot to be said about proper preparation, training, and keeping the gun close so you can quickly react at a moment’s notice.

We covered a recent story in Georgia where an occupant of a house bravely rushed three armed robbers. She killed one suspect outright in the ensuing gunfire exchange and the other two quickly realized numbers weren’t in their favor.

The one thing we can take away from this is we cannot assume numbers are on our side. Cover, concealment, limiting the amount of space your attackers have to approach while maximizing your cover across corridors and hallways… These are just some of the ingredients that can save your life in a home invasion.

We always like to see the good guy or gal win. Keep it up and carry everyday, especially in the home.

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