School To People Who Look To Do Harm: We’re Armed


CLAUDE, TEXAS — Superintendent Jeff Byrd pointed out two new signs decorating the schools throughout Claude’s school district. There’s one out front stating in bold letters:


Byrd’s explanation is simple. Bad guys look to out-do each other and signs help bad guys know that they’ll face resistance.

via News Channel 10

“Statistics will show that most of the shootings that have occurred in public school have been some what a copycat situation,” Byrd said. “The goal of the perpetrators is to out-do the last shooting and statistics have shown people with warning signs are being proactive and preventative, the only reason the sign is there is to prevent somebody from coming in.”

Claude is just one of several school districts that is experimenting with allowing teachers and faculty to carry concealed on school grounds. In many parts of the country, school superintendents are working on a way that would ensure both faculty and students have a chance at survival if they’re targeted by assailants looking to inflict harm.

“Any employee at Claude ISD, any teacher, I feel firmly they would give their life to save a child. Our job is to make sure the kids are safe, that they are comfortable and secure,” Byrd said.

That’s a strong statement of support and it’s how that community feels about protecting their children.

Other notable school districts that have enacted similar security measures include:

There’s quite a few others, too. School districts are increasingly looking at the reality that in our lifetime, there will be another school shooting. The superintendents that are making these decisions often seek the guidance of the community, police, and trained professionals before coming to the conclusion that this is the best choice. This is the best choice.

The alternatives of maintaining an armed security staff or paid police officers just isn’t in the budget. With the probability being massively statistically low that firearms are ever discharged in anger on school property, we’re looking at insuring the best possible outcome for the lowest cost.

Teachers are able to provide direct support and response in the event of a mass shooting event. They’re trusted adults and with the proper training and equipment, they can be prepared to save the lives of themselves, their students, and their colleagues.

Hat’s off to Claude ISD’s superintendent for being the latest to join the team for a safer school district.


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