5 Ways That Carrying Concealed Makes You A Better Person

respect1. You’re respectful, polite and courteous

We aren’t saying that you weren’t before, but the consensus seems to be that if you’re carrying a firearm, your ‘respectfulness’ is elevated. Remember, an armed society is a polite society!


Economic-growth-chart-700px-3042. You’re helping the economy

If you carry concealed, you should be practicing often! This practice supports ranges, ammunition companies, firearm companies, gives you some time away from your wife/girlfriend, wait I just got off track. The point is, it’s an expensive hobby. Also, keep your purchases in the US as much as possible.


large_law_abiding_citizen_badge3. You’re more law-abiding than ever before

Coast through that stop sign? No way. Go out and drink with your friends at the bar? Not a chance. Well, at least not with your firearm. You think twice about things that you may have done in the past because they were just minor infractions. That’s not the case anymore, and you feel better about that. Not drawing attention to yourself is the key here, and being a law-abiding citizen is what helps with that.


spacious-and-concentrated-awareness4. Your awareness is alive and well

You pay closer attention to the details around you and notice things that you may have not noticed before. Keep paying attention my friends, your life could depend on it one day. If you aren’t aware of your surroundings at all times, something or someone has the advantage to catch you off guard.


kidsguns5. You teach people about firearms and how to shoot

Yes, this makes you a better person. If a friend or family member want to learn about firearms, you’re there to show and teach them responsible handling and care with an emphasis on safety.

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