Wyoming Bill Would Ban Gun Buyback Programs


WORLAND, WYOMING — A bill, to be introduced in the Wyoming legislature this year, would put and end go gun buybacks from happening in the state. Specifically, the bill states, “No city, town, county, political subdivision, state agency or entity or any other governmental entity shall operate a firearm buyback program or participate in the […]

Virginia Governor Northam Declares Emergency To Ban Guns At 2A Rally, And You Won’t Believe His Legal Justification


On Wednesday Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued an executive order declaring a temporary state of emergency, effective January 17-21, in order to ban firearms at a pro-gun rally that is planned at the state capitol complex on Monday January 20th. During a press conference Wednesday Northam attempted to justify his actions by saying, “we have […]

Local Gov’t Allocates Funds For Militia In Virginia


TAZEWELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA — If you haven’t been following what’s been going in Virginia, here’s a crash course: Many counties have declared themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuary cities These resolutions come after legislators in the state have been trying to push through gun control laws And as you can see, many are fighting back One county, […]