WATCH LIVE: Police Reportedly Have Eyes On Escaped PA Murderer, Confirmed To Now Be Armed With A Rifle

UPDATE @ 10:32PM: The fugitive entered a home and stole the rifle, and the homeowner fired shots at him. Police do not believe the fugitive was hit with gunfire.

UPDATE @ 10:26PM: Tactical Units are moving through the woods. It is thought that the fugitive has a firearm, a scoped .22 rifle. A green sweatshirt was found on the road.

UPDATE @ 10:07PM: A permitter has been set up and a reverse 911 call went out to residents in the area. One reporter is on private property with a live feed within the perimeter and his live feed can be seen below:

UPDATE @ 09:17PM: Another call came in stating that a homeowner witnessed someone fitting the description going through his property, which is just north (roughly 1/2 mile) of where police are currently searching. Shoes, as well as fresh tracks were found in the search location.

Original article:

Day 12 of the search for Danelo Cavalcante could be coming to an end after an officer with the Pennsylvania State Police spotted him on Fairview Rd, close to the latest perimeter that was set up the other day.

A fire in the area, where 3 firefighters were reportedly injured, has sent thick smoke for miles that is severely limiting visibility.

Multiple live streams are embedded below for your convenience:

Below is an interactive map of the manhunt for this convicted killer, which is very detailed and shows everything on a day-by-day basis:

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