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Armed Citizen Shoots Knife-Wielding Man In The Face After He Threatened Woman With Knife

DOTHAN, ALABAMA — In a recent incident on the road, the quick action of a responsibly armed citizen potentially averted a dangerous confrontation. On July 12, Shawn Maxmillion McDaniel of Headland was accused of attempting to assault the mother of his children, with whom he was estranged, at a traffic light. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts to meet with the woman earlier that day, McDaniel pursued her in his vehicle as she traveled with an acquaintance.

Upon stopping at a traffic light, McDaniel allegedly exited his car, brandishing a large knife and threatening the pair. Fortunately, the acquaintance accompanying the mother was legally armed and urged McDaniel to retreat. However, McDaniel reportedly ignored the warning and proceeded to attack, wielding the knife. In response, the armed acquaintance fired at McDaniel, striking him in the face and causing significant injury, though not life-threatening. McDaniel then sought help at a nearby business, as did the woman and her acquaintance, who also reported the incident to the police.

The event underscores the significance of being a responsibly armed citizen, ready to respond swiftly and decisively in the face of potential harm, thereby possibly preventing a tragedy. The situation is still under investigation, with further details awaited.

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