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Dad Shoots Himself And Daughter After Gun In Diaper Bag Discharges As He Reached In

And the gun didn’t go off on its own, by the way.

A father is in serious condition after a negligent discharge at a Chuck E. Cheese location. As he was changing his daughter’s diaper in the back seat of the car, a handgun he had in the diaper bag went off as he reached inside.

The bullet went through the dad’s leg, then hitting the child in the leg, and ultimately ended up in the dad’s chest. He is currently in the hospital, but his daughter is expected to be alright.

There isn’t any rocket science here; carrying a firearm in a location such as a diaper bag is a hard no. Not only that, but it would also seem as though the firearm had nothing protecting the trigger.

A negligent discharge has the word ‘negligent’ in it for a reason; some type of negligence was involved. This is an incident that is completely avoidable, and utterly unacceptable.

Use a holster or trigger guard, and find a secure location. The best location is always on your person but if that’s not an option for whatever reason, never leave a firearm without its trigger protected and simply floating around inside a bag. Especially a diaper bag.

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