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DC Limits Working To Disarm Citizens: Spike In Applications After Judge Strikes Down ‘Good Cause’ Requirement

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Showing the utter dissonance between political elites wishing to subject their citizens to unconstitutional burdens, city attorneys with the District of Columbia have come out to fight federal rulings which show their requirement of ‘good reason’ for a concealed carry application is unconstitutional and provides an ‘unnecessary burden’.

via the Washington Times

“The ‘good reason’ standard is critically important to the public safety of those who live in, work in, and visit the District,” the city attorneys office wrote in the motion submitted to the appellate court that defends laws adopted by the D.C. Council. “Without this standard, the District becomes a ‘right-to-carry’ regime, despite the Council’s legislative judgment, based on empirical studies, that such regimes are ‘associated with substantially higher rates of aggravated assault, rape, robbery and murder.’”

Which studies would those be? Well, the District of Columbia really doesn’t have to prove its case of what constitutes a ‘right to carry’ regime but we’re going to go ahead and say they’re dragging their heels on what should be a constitutional right for any law-abiding citizen that meets the requirements to own a gun much less carry one.

As we’ve covered in previous articles, the federal courts have ruled the District of Columbia’s requirement of ‘good reason’ is a farce. It’s a bald-face attempt to continue the practice of discriminating against a person’s right to bear arms.

Thankfully, D.C. residents have been diligent in continuing to apply for a concealed carry permit that has yet to materialize from the District of Columbia’s Chief of Police. And we can safely say that it’s not concealed carriers responsible for the 54% increase in homicides reported in the city as of this year.

If the introduction of concealed carry permits to the District of Columbia is the proverbial “right to carry regime” that brings with it increased incidences of violence, we’ve yet to see that in practice. What we do see is a crime-riddled city infested with gangsters not worried about hurting innocent, law-abiding people. And those people have to live in fear because they have literally no option to defend themselves in public.

Perhaps it’s time D.C. takes a dose of its own medicine and antes up with allowing lawful concealed carry. After all, in a city infested by criminals, a good guy or gal with a gun may just be enough to begin tipping the scales back in favor of its tax-paying citizenry.

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