Heavily Armed Man Found Dead Inside Colorado Amusement Park, May Have Been Planning Mass Shooting

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO — An armed individual, reportedly planning an attack on Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado, died by apparent suicide before executing his plan. Park officials discovered the 20-year-old man’s body on Saturday morning prior to the park’s opening.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the man had broken into the park while it was closed, equipped with an AR-style rifle, a handgun, and explosives. He also wore tactical attire and body armor.

A message found in the park’s women’s bathroom near the man’s body read, “I am not a killer, I just want to get into the caves.” It’s unclear if the deceased man wrote this note.

In the man’s vehicle, investigators found additional explosive devices, but no other explosives were located in the park. According to Garfield County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Walt Stowe, the amount of weaponry and explosives indicated the potential for a significantly devastating attack.

The deceased was identified as a local resident. He possessed extra ammunition and appeared to wear clothing with emblems resembling law enforcement insignia.

Walt Stowe of the sheriff’s office indicated that the death is being investigated as a possible suicide. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, where the incident occurred, is known for its cave tours and thrill rides, and is situated near the Colorado River in western Colorado.

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