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Two Robbers No Match For This 78-Year-Old Junkyard Owner With Revolver

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

Last week, two men came to Bobby Ray Osborne’s junkyard asking about a car he had for sale. This week they came back looking to rob him.

“I was putting up a pretty good fight to be 78,” Bobby Ray Osborne said.

Kentucky State Police say the two men jumped Osborne Tuesday morning, and they ran off with some of his money. Osborne says they didn’t get away without fearing for their lives, as he was armed with a handgun.

You know, that tool that makes men — even older men who aren’t as strong as they used to be — more equal. Women, too.

courtesy wkyt.com

One of them got a punch in and gave Mr. Osborne a pretty good knot on his cheek, but he looks to be OK. When the two thugs saw that Osborne was backed up by Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson . . .

‘[One of the robbers] said ‘Don’t shoot me,’ and I said ‘I ought to kill you.’

Osborne did fire a shot, but it did not strike either man. One of the suspects left behind his pocketbook, and investigators were able to find a driver license. Troopers are still searching for the two suspects.

The two are still on the loose, but as the police have a wallet and ID for one of them, it shouldn’t take long to track them down. As they say in small town Kentucky (and a lot of other places, too), don’t mess with an old guy.

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