Would You Be Ready For A Threat Like This?

Today’s mass shooting in El Paso, Texas is still being combed through, and we still don’t know the toll caused by a lone 21-year-old with a rifle.

The suspect has been identified, but we will not be publishing his name here.

We also have a policy of not sharing photos of these mass shooters, however are making an exception (with his face blurred) for the purposes of this article.

Below and above are surveillance video stills of the gunman, and it gives us an idea of what people were up against this morning while shopping.

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Blurred the killers face as I don’t think he deserves any attention but the weapon/gear is interesting and worth nothing for those of us who prepare to confront evil. WASR10 8M3 ammo Appears to be Caldwell electronic hearing protection Are you ready for a threat like this appearing out of nowhere? If not, hopefully this post will lead you to train more with your carry gun. Also, while most defensive encounters occur at bad breath distance, it’s also important to practice those 25 yard and longer shots with your carry gun. If one person had hit this killer with a pistol round in the chest from cover at distance a lot more people would be alive today. . . #prepare #beready #shootback #activekiller

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Read the text that mrgunsngear wrote with the image above.

Now ask yourself; do you feel that you’re ready for a threat like this?

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