Gun Shop Offers Free Concealed Carry Training Course For Women With Restraining Orders Against Abusive Men

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANAN — The owners of a gun shop have a new policy: Free concealed carry training course for any woman that has a restraining order against an abusive man.

The owners of Precision Firearms and Indoor Range, located in Baton Rouge, told reporters that their decision came after the recent murder of Monica Johnson.

Authorities said Johnson was killed Sunday night at her home, bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat. Her estranged husband, David Johnson, is charged with first degree murder. Monica Johnson had filed a restraining order against him before her death.

In a Facebook post, they clarified exactly what they’re offering… and why.

There was a glitch in the news broadcast audio so yes, this was Precision who is offering free CCH classes to women with active domestic abuse restraining orders. Firearms aren’t the answer to all of life’s problems but when you are facing someone larger, stronger and already armed with a weapon themselves, a firearm can be a valid response. You have the right to be secure in your own home.

Starting at 5:30 p.m. on the evenings of August 25, 26 & 27 we will offer our CCH course at no charge to women in this situation. All three sessions must be attended and will be taught by an NRA instructor who is also an attorney. We are waiving our course fee and we will provide firearms and ammo at no cost for those attending the course that don’t have their own to use in the class. You don’t have to get the permit just because you took the course. You will need to register in person and bring a copy of your current, active restraining order. We are space limited to 14 students. Please call Elizabeth at 225-754-7264 for more info.

Good on them.

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