[VIDEO] Everytown Is Helping Drive Our Point Home With Their New Accidental Pro-Gun Commercial

I’m being serious here: Watch this video and think to yourself “What are they actually going for here?”

If you’re of sane mind, you would come to the conclusion that this poor woman in the video would have been well-prepared with a firearm of her own that would allow her to fight back against her aggressor and stop him in his tracks.

According to the series of events, this woman had a restraining order against this man. That was not enough to stop him from breaking into her home. He doesn’t pull his gun until he has been inside the home for numerous seconds. The woman would have had plenty of time to grab her firearm as soon as he started banging on the door in a threatening manner.

Instead, we see the woman murdered in front of her young child.

What amuses me the most about this video is the fact that voting up or down has been disabled, as well as video comments. Anytime I see that on a YouTube video, I immediately dismiss it.

We like this version a lot better:

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