Dad Finds Man Sneaking Out Of House After Sexually Assaulting His Daughter, Holds Him At Gunpoint

TYLER, TEXAS — Well, kudos to this dad for the restraint he showed. I am not sure how many other dads would have simply been able to hold the man until police arrived. I suspect many would have pulled the trigger. This did happen in Texas after all.

Officers spoke with the homeowners, who said they had left their daughter home alone for the evening while they went out to dinner. When they returned home, they heard someone leaving the home from a side door, which is connected to the daughter’s room.

The homeowner said the confronted the man, later identified as Hunt, and a physical altercation occurred, which involved the discharging of a gun.


We don’t know if the gun discharge was a warning shot, or if dad took a shot at the guy as part of the physical altercation. You can see from the photo, the alleged sex offender definitely took some lumps from dad during the altercation. He is lucky that is all he got.

What would you have done if you were in this same situation? Would you have had the restraint to hold the man at gunpoint or would you have taken more extreme measures?

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