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[VIDEO] 4 Decisions To Make Before Carrying Concealed

I have been asked several times about what is needed to get a CCW permit. People are interested in the process of obtaining a permit however I don’t think they truly understand the deeper issues it entails. Simply getting a CCW permit is viewed as the first step for one who wants to carry a gun. I understand that thought process but I think anyone who has carried a gun for decent amount of time will agree with me that there is so much more than simply getting a permit.

I am writing this article and made this video because I want people to truly understand some finer points of what responsibilities a person who conceal carries should possess. I came up with four decisions one should answer that goes deeper than simply obtaining a CCW permit.

1. Are you disciplined enough?

Do you have the discipline to use avoidance and self control? People who carry everyday understand that avoidance and self control are essential life traits. Avoiding bad situations and using self control to not interject in other people’s problems requires discipline. Those who have trouble keeping their mouth shut in areas that do not involve them or their safety should examine their behavior and think about how to positively change to use greater self control.

2. Are you prepared to carry everyday?

I’m not talking about a work situation that prohibits CCW on the job. I am talking about taking on the responsibility of treating your carry commitment as serious as we commit to carry our phones and wallet. The fact is, we cannot predict a crime and criminals don’t make appointments therefore if we are serious about protection and responsibility then we should make a serious commitment to carry everyday.

3. Are you willing to put a financial commitment?

Let’s face it, living a CCW lifestyle is expensive. The gun and holster is just the first step of how much you will have to spend to be proficient with your gun. I take a training class, at minimum, once a year. The class itself is typically $150 or more and usually will require a minimum of 300 rounds of ammo. To top it off, I will practice what I learned at the class on my own which requires more time and ammo expenses. Yes, a financial commitment is essential to be the best prepared concealed carrier you can be.

4. Are you prepared to take a human life?

I don’t think this question is explored enough with people who are considering carrying a gun. Many people feel that carrying a gun is enough to deter a criminal from messing with you. Some people live in a fantasy world which tells them that simply drawing a gun will make the bad guy flee. That scenario could be case and hopefully the situation would end that easily but what if it doesn’t? What if we need to pull the trigger and take a life to save our own? I believe that most people who read this article explored these thoughts prior to carrying however many beginners may have not. People need to understand that responsibly carrying a gun means they may have to use that gun to end the life of someone who was willing to kill them. Then, of course, the law abiding citizen will have to deal with the persecution from people in their community and the press. They may have to deal with the local prosecutor who will deem them guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. And the list will go on and on from the fallout of what could happen in the event you take the life of a bad guy.

It is my belief that these questions explore deeper into the reality of CCW. If one has thought out and has positive answers to these questions, then by all means do it. The fact is, we need more people like you. We need people who are willing to commit and live a CCW lifestyle. You will be an asset to your family and society. It’s not always comfortable or easy to do however to those who have a committed mindset, you have my greatest respect.

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