Off-Duty Cop vs Armed Shoplifter; Spoiler Alert, Shoplifter Loses


WASHINGTON, D.C. — When you live in a place where the only people allowed guns are either cops or robbers, thankfully an off-duty police officer was able to stop an armed shoplifter from endangering anyone else in the area.

The off-duty police officer tried things the easy way. According to the Fairfield Citizen, the police officer saw the man walking out of a store with objects in his arms. He then requested the suspect to stop and that’s when the thug thought it would be a brilliant idea to brandish his own illegal firearm. The off-duty officer had little choice but to shoot him and the man was taken to a nearby medical center in critical but stable condition.

The Metro police issued a statement to the Fairfield Citizen roughly regurgitating the same chain of events and it’s unknown if the suspect will be getting out of the ICU any time soon to offer up his own side of the story — if it even applies.

Caught red handed, a thug chose to act the fool and got shot.

Granted, in D.C., it’s a miracle anyone was in the area to stop a crime in progress from happening. As there aren’t too many legal concealed carriers in the District of Columbia, it’s a relatively unknown element as to whether or not stopping a violent felony in progress is within the modus operandi of current law. In states like Texas and Arizona, concealed carriers are not obliged but may be able to stop a violent felony in progress but in general, we strongly urge people to call authorities and be safe rather than engage. Your safety, the safety of your family and your property should always come first.

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