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Man Shot While Trying To Set Woman’s House On Fire

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — If someone is trying to commit arson, most (if not all) states cover the use of lethal force as a way to stop them from continuing.

That’s what happened at a New Orleans home, when a man attempted to burn down a woman’s house. Luckily, someone at the home was armed.

A police preliminary report states that Eric Wilson was shot by the woman’s father Sunday after arriving at her home and trying to set it on fire. According to court records and the police preliminary report, Wilson was arrested after being treated at a hospital for a gunshot wound.

Property damage and loss aside, this incident could have cost lives if it were not for the intervention of the woman’s father and her firearm.

Police haven’t yet said what Wilson will be charged with (multiple counts, likely), but I can only hope that this smiling criminal is put away to do some serious time.

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