Random Stabbings In Vegas Leave 1 Dead — Suspect Should Have Already Been In Jail

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — By the time Richi Briones, 32, was arrested, one man was in critical condition and another was already dead. Briones appears to have stabbed the two men completely at random. The first stabbing occurred out behind a sushi restaurant and the second one was at a gas station. In the second stabbing event, Briones walked up behind a man waiting in line at a gas station and stabbed him repeatedly from behind.

Briones already has a history of domestic violence in Nevada and California. He attempted to purchase a shotgun at a sporting goods store but the application never went through. Briones departed the store and proceeded to use a large knife in his attacks, instead.

According to ABC News, both of the attacks happened in broad daylight.

Briones had previously been evaluated for his mental health but the judge ruled he was competent to stand trial for his prior crimes. That prior trial was thrown out after evidence fell short. This man was out on the street on a technicality. And he proceeded to murder a man in cold blood and nearly kill another.

This is why being armed is so important. Maybe you’re the person who sees another man go down from a stabbing. Maybe you’re the first person that has the opportunity to stop a madman from hurting or killing anyone else.

We live in a violent world where violent things can happen to the just and unjust alike. Our own personal defense is our own responsibility — and it’s the reason why each of us makes that daily decision to carry concealed every single day, everywhere we go.

The judicial system isn’t perfect. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere at all times. There’s a lot of wiggle room between the courtroom and the jail cell. And when there’s wiggle room, you can expect truly bad criminals to slip through the cracks. That’s why we have to take our own defense seriously.

Carry every single day, everywhere you reasonably can.

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