Armed Intruders Make 4 AM House Call — This Homeowner Was Ready, Are You?


WEST PLAINS, MONTANA — According to KSPR-33 out of Montana, authorities responded to a report of shots fired at a residence.  When they arrived on the scene, they found one armed intruder dead and one waiting outside.  The homeowner was unharmed and police arrested the other trespasser who was waiting for them.

You know it’s a bad day in crime-world where you watch your buddy go down in gunfire and you just throw your arms up and wait for the police.

Still, this is why we stay armed and prepared.  Armed burglary has to be one of the worst ideas out there and we’ve tried repeatedly to urge another line of work.  There’s only more law-abiding citizens getting armed and outfitted — that only increases the chance the home you try cracking into will have an armed occupant inside.

But don’t let us warn you.  Go see for yourself.  We’ll be here… Keeping the score.

2015 Home Invasion Scorecard

  • Armed Home Owner: +1.5
  • Armed Intruders: -2
  • Result: 1 KIA, 1 arrest

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