Four People And Dog Stabbed During Home Invasion, Ends With Homeowner Grabbing Gun And Opening Fire


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Four occupants of a home and their German Shepard were brutally stabbed when three suspected home intruders broke in and began assaulting them with a hunting knife. During the fight, the homeowner was stabbed with the hunting knife but managed to retrieve his handgun and fire a single bullet. That bullet is not believed to have struck any of the assailants but they did flee.

According to CBS Chicago, all three assailants were picked up at a local gas station after they showed up with blood on their clothes. One of them was in possession of a hunting knife.

CBS Chicago noted that none of the assailants have been charged with any crime — indicating there’s likely something else at play or these thugs suddenly decided to invest heavily in a great legal defense team.

This attack has all the markings of a premeditated assault. Windows were broken, doors were busted in, and all the occupants were stabbed or slashed. None of the occupants died in the encounter and all appeared to have sustained non-life-threatening wounds, but who’s to say in that actual encounter were we could expect similar?

Neighbors report that these types of situations aren’t the norm. But we have to ask: what is the norm and does it even matter?

The biggest thing was the delay between break-in and retrieval of the gun. The homeowner is still in the hospital but he is expected to recover. What if he had that gun nearby when the attack started?

These are things for us to consider in our own homes.

If that gun is nearby, we stand a shot of getting it out and actioning it for our own survival.

Do you think these thugs would have stopped with some extensive property damage and stabbing?

Four occupants including the homeowner and their dog are all being treated for wounds. Personally, I’d much have preferred if that story went a bit differently. Wouldn’t you?

That’s why we train how we intend to fight and we don’t fall into complacency.

We can talk about gang-targeted home invasions and all sorts of stuff. It is Chicago. But what if those thugs picked a different home? What if they incorrectly identified where they were trying to go and now it’s our doorstep getting broken in?

I think sitting down and being a victim is a poor choice in that situation. I wouldn’t really expect three men who are willing to bash apart my house to get to me to show much — if any — mercy.

That’s a deadly force scenario.

And it can and has happened well outside Chicago.

Are you prepared?

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