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[VIDEO] Realizing That A Threat Is Approaching Before It’s Too Late

This seems like it was a case of mistaken identity, but that doesn’t change the fact that this guy trying to simply walk into a hotel got the beat-down of his life.

A large group of teens at a Washington DC hotel were apparently waiting for someone to show up, and that someone was a person who they felt deserved to be pummeled.

“Is this the guy?”

The first teen walks quickly up to a man who he apparently thinks is the target. He points to him and then looks to his friends to get confirmation. I guess they said yes, and that’s when it got bad.

Pay attention to the reaction of the people getting attacked, and just how quickly one attacker turned into many.

It’s a scary situation that being armed might not have helped, and highlights the importance of understanding what’s going on around us, and getting a good read on people and their intentions.

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