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Nevada Lawmakers Kill Measure That Would Have Allowed Campus Carry, One Official Storms Off Assembly Floor

CARSON CITY, NEVADA — Lawmakers on Thursday defeated a measure that would have allowed concealed carry on college campuses, and it made at least one elected official very upset.

Assembly members voted against the amendment by a vote of 18-24.

The amendment would have allowed concealed-weapon permit holders to carry concealed guns on college campuses and store firearms in locked cars. Republican Assembly members Michele Fiore and Ira Hansen proposed the amendment after a Senate committee refused to hold a hearing on a separate campus carry bill.

Nevada law currently allows a concealed carry permit holder to request that he or she be allowed to carry, but college administrators rarely grant these requests.

Fiore, who sponsored similar legislation last session, called for a roll call vote and short recess after the amendment vote but was rejected by Speaker John Hambrick. She then left the Assembly floor, slamming a door on her way out.

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