[CCW IN ACTION] Concealed Carrier Mugged In Public Park, Defends Himself And Others

PLANTATION, FLORIDA — Three guys were sitting on a bench in a public park at approximately 9:30 p.m. when two armed robbers showed up and decided to turn it into a robbery. Unfortunately for them, one of their intended victims was a licensed concealed carrier.

According to News 7 Miami, the concealed carrier shot one of the robbers and the other one fled. The shot robber made it several feet before collapsing. People in the park were in fear for their life as the park features a large playground and is considered to be in a good part of the city.

“When I pulled into the driveway, I saw one chap running from across the road towards me,” said a nearby resident who witnessed the incident after the shots were fired. “When I saw the chap running across the road, I said, ‘Wait, it seems like something is up.’”

Most residents had absolutely no clue that an attempted violent robbery was taking place. One resident described the shots as firecrackers going off and another just stood in dumbfound belief that the incident was taking place. One witness described the shots as “explosions”, showing that many people are completely unaware of what either the sound of a gunshot sounds like or an actual explosion.

The concealed carrier was fine. Police arrived and investigated the scene. They recovered the dead body and tried to get a description of the second suspect.

This case is important to discuss because while all the residents firmly believed in their heart that nothing like this could take place, it did anyways. Violent crime and the deadly force required to resist it are elements in society that are here to stay. They’ve arguably always been here but we’ve had a long period of time where people have been conditioned to think that violence happens “somewhere else”.

“Somewhere else” can also be your front yard or your nearest neighborhood park.

That’s neither an exaggeration nor hyperbole.

One of the intended victims just happened to be a licensed concealed carrier and just happened to be carrying every single day. He was able to resist the aggressors. The rest would have had to accept being victims.

People need to break out of this complacent lull they’ve been trapped in. Who put us there or who spun this lie that the world is this safe, cozy hug box — that’s for the historians to decide.

Each and every single one of us needs to wake up to the fact that it’s our lives, our safety, and our security that’s at risk when we don’t carry concealed. There needs to be more concealed carriers like this guy.


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