County Holding Ammo Collection Event, And All I’m Thinking Is Early Halloween For Gun Owners

LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN — A county in Wisconsin is holding an event today, and the purpose is to take in unwanted ammunition. I honestly never knew there was such a thing.

La Crosse County holds the ammunition collection event at their Hazardous Materials Facility at 3202 Berlin Drive in La Crosse on October 24 from 8 a.m. until noon. It is by the La Crosse County landfill off of Highway 16.

The drive-through event is open to La Crosse County residents only. People are asked to remain in their vehicles when they drive up for contactless assistance. Technicians will take the ammunition when vehicles pull up one at a time underneath the facility’s canopy.

Disposing of the first five pounds of ammuntion is free and $5 per pound after that.

They are accepting only factory rounds of .50 caliber and 8-gauge or less. No black powder, military munitions, fireworks, or explosives are accepted. No other waste materials are accepted during the event.

If I lived there, I could see myself showing up with a large bag, sturdy and big that will hold some good weight, and go trick-or-treating when people arrived to unload their unwanted ammo.

Who would get rid of ammo? Well, let’s say a husband or wife passed away and the living spouse isn’t into firearms. They may want to give it up to a place that can dispose of it properly.

Another reason could be bad ammo, rusted ammo, etc.

Still, I’m a little sad that I couldn’t partake in the event. I have a lot of space in the back of my Jeep.

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