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Man Fined For Illegally Having Concealed Weapon During Fatal Self Defense Shooting

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN — A man who was previously cleared of a shooting was fined for carrying a firearm without a permit.

On Nov 14, 2021, Jaylene Edwards was at the Marathon gas station on the city’s east side with friends. Around 2 am, a fight broke out between two rival groups. The groups met at the gas station with some of the people armed with bats, brass knuckles and pepper spray.

A woman, 26 year old Dominique Wilson, retrieved a gun from her car. Surveillance video shows her pointing it at the crowd and others nearby. It shows her racking the slide and attempting to pull the trigger. Edwards, fearing for his and others’ safety, shot Wilson.

Edwards left the area and police had little to go on, but were investigating. Two days later, Edwards turned himself into police and admitted to shooting Wilson.

On Jan. 14, 2022, Brown County District Attorney David Lasee announced that Edwards would not be charged with a crime for fatally shooting Wilson, saying Edwards “was scared for his life and everyone else’s life.” Edwards had said he bought the handgun “off the streets of Milwaukee,” and made the purchase “for protection,”.

Subsequently, Edwards was charged with a misdemeanor for not having a concealed carry permit and fined $400. Other misdemeanor charges were filed against seven people who had been at the Marathon station early on the morning of the incident.

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