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Oklahoma Constitutional Carry Goes Into Effect Today

A bill was signed into law back in February in Oklahoma that removed the need for a permit to carry a firearm. That law went into effect today.

Known as ‘permitless carry’ or ‘constitutional carry’, Oklahoma is now the 16th state to adopt such a law.

It does come with restrictions, which are listed below:

  • Under the bill, you cannot carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun in public and private schools K-college, public or private sports arenas, gambling facilities, government buildings, and private businesses, unless allowed by owner.  
  • The bill maintains current law that you must pass a background check to purchase a gun.
  • The bill maintains current law that you must disclose guns in your possession when requested by law enforcement officer.
  • The bill maintains current law that those convicted with a felony cannot own or buy a gun.
  • Gun owners can still obtain a license in Oklahoma, with reciprocity recognized in multiple states across the nation.

Challengers to the law had tried, and failed, to stop it from going into effect today.

Representative Jason Lowe created a petition to put the upcoming law to a vote in August. Despite tens of thousands of signatures, it was not enough to move the petition forward by the August 29 deadline.

An appeal by Lowe is in the works, for sure, but for now it’s safe to say that Oklahoma is basking in constitutional carry goodness.

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