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One Suspect Shot During Attempted Burglary At Residence

THURSTON COUNTY, WASHINGTON — One man was injured during a self-defense shooting after two men attempt to steal from a Thurston County family.

Around 4:30pm, officers responded to a call about an attempted break-in and one man shot on the property of a Thurston County resident on the 1200 block of Oak Driver South East.

When police arrived on scene they found a man in his 50’s with a gunshot wound to the arm. During the investigation, the family members stated they heard a noise on their property. They noticed two ATVs parked near several storage trailers.

One of the family members armed themselves with a rifle and confronted the two men. One of the men ran off into some nearby bushes while the other attempted to rush at the family member. At this point the rifle was discharged and the burglary suspect was shot in the arm.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital for treatment, while the other suspect was arrested without injury later that day. The family has cooperated with the deputies and the investigation is still on going.

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