UCF Student Fights Back Against Two Robbers That Broke Into Her Apartment; A Good Girl With A Gun

A female University of Central Florida student defended herself and roommate against two armed robbers that broke into their student housing apartment Tuesday evening.

It happened around 4:50pm when two black males entered the apartment armed with guns. Once inside, one of the men held his gun to the head of the male victim and told him to get to the ground. The female ‘victim’ ran into her room to retrieve her handgun and then emerged with it pointed at the robbers.

In a panic, the two thugs took off out the door, dropping a gun in the process. The gun turned out to be a pellet gun.

Neither student was harmed. Police were unable to find the two men responsible for the break-in.

It isn’t strange that people are applauding the young woman’s actions, and realizing that she took her safety seriously. Here are a few comments left on the article so far:

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We tried calling the student housing complex where this occurred to find out what their firearms policy is, but we were unable to get through.

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