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Georgia Man Remains Free After Grand Jury Declines To Indict Him For September Shooting

RINGGOLD, GEORGIA – A motorist who claimed he shot another driver in self-defense last fall will not be charged, following a grand jury’s decision not to indict him on any charges related to the fatal shooting. The deceased, identified by authorities as Jack Chandler Pedigo, was found with an apparent gunshot wound last September on Elm Avenue near the Catoosa County sports complex off of Interstate 75.

Following the incident, Catoosa County deputies took a man into custody for questioning, but he was later released without being charged. The man claimed that he shot Pedigo in self-defense, telling investigators that he feared for his life following a road rage confrontation with Pedigo.

The Catoosa County Grand Jury convened this week, and after hearing the presentation by the District Attorney’s office, declined to indict the still unnamed man.  Speaking on the case, District Attorney Chris Arnt said that he is not at liberty to share any details of the Grand Jury’s deliberation, but that they had determined that no criminal laws in the State of Georgia had been violated by the shooter.

Commenting on the case, Arnt said, “This is a tragic case for everyone involved in this matter. I have met with Mr. Pedigo’s family to discuss the matter, and they are heartbroken over the loss of their loved one. While this is a terrible situation, Georgia’s self-defense laws are very clear.”

Arnt said that the law requires the jury to ponder only two questions in determining if lethal force is justifiable in a self-defense claim. The first is whether there is evidence to indicate that the shooter initiated the confrontation. The second is whether he believed that his life or others was in imminent danger due to the behavior of the deceased.

“My office presented the facts and evidence to the Grand Jury, and they made their decision,” said Arnt. “Despite the limitations I have in providing more information to the public about this matter, it’s important for the community to know that I take each of these situations seriously and I address them without fear or favor.”

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