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7-Year-Old Is Shot After Breaking Into Home With His 12-Year-Old Buddies


ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — Two 12-year-olds and a 7-year-old thought it’d be a good idea to force their way into a home Tuesday evening, and they maybe weren’t thinking that an armed citizen would be inside, ready to defend himself.

St. Louis Police say that a 23-year-old man heard banging and glass breaking from the rear of the home. He found the three boys coming into the home through a broken window. Police say the man fired a shot from his weapon in the direction of the suspects, fearing for his safety. The three boys started to run away.


The 7-year-old was struck in the leg, while one of the 12-year-olds was hit with a fragment. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment by EMS.

This story stood out because of the age of the one intruder. I know at 7 years old, it never crossed my mind that it’d be a good idea to break into a home. First question; Where are this child’s parents?

Second, I’m not sure if any verbal exchanges occurred between the homeowner and intruders, or if he saw the faces of those entering his home. I think it’s irrelevant, however, because the threat is real when someone breaks in. If they’re willing to break into someone’s home, they could also be armed.

No one wants to shoot anyone, let alone a child. But again, I knew even at the age of 7 that breaking into a home was something that bad people did, and that wasn’t me.

It’s a tough spot to put a homeowner in, especially an armed one.

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