Heckler & Koch Troll Boomers Hard In FB Post

If Wendy’s is the top troll of the fast food industry, then H&K is currently top troll of the firearms industry.

We made a 1911 once, since it was an HK it didn’t jam, of course. We then realized boomers would legitimately be able to say, “Ackchyuallly my 1911 has never malfunctioned” and that wasn’t a world we wanted to live in. So we canceled the project immediately. You’re welcome.

But the comments. Ohhhh, the comments.

H&K was going through comments like no one’s business, and they happened upon a comment from a person who said they had some troubles with an H&K USC.

They quickly disagreed.

Christian Kohnert, linked below, posted this comment. We replied, “Once we return from eating lunch at Ruth’s Chris and drinking the tears of the poors we will look into this. If we have made a mistake we will own up to it in the comments.” He deleted his post shortly thereafter. We have since found out that there is not a SINGLE USC in warranty or repair, so you made the whole thing up. https://www.facebook.com/christian.kpunkt.1

They even tagged the guy’s profile in their comment. LOL. Viewing it, the user has everything on lock-down. This could be for one of two reasons:

  1. He was getting bombarded with messages from people
  2. He’s actually a fake profile created by H&K to help add to the joke

Reading through other comments, it’s safe to say that H&K has a sense of humor that some people don’t appreciate. But some, of course, understand that it’s all just a joke.

And that, friends, is the internet.

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