Entitled Burglar Barges Into Home, Gets Shot, Cries “Daddy!”


LAKE WORTH, FL — In a very confusing turn of events, a homeless woman was found to be in the middle of events that resulted in one man shot and another one stabbed, according to the Palm Beach Post.

That woman reportedly called her friend early this month and said that she’d been punched by a man by the name of Gary Steven White outside of a rental community managed by his father. White’s father claimed that his son and the homeless woman were arguing about her alleged drug use near the rental community.

After the call the homeless woman made, things devolved quickly.

According to the Palm Beach Post:

“Moments after the call, the woman’s friend heard a noise outside his home on North M Street, just west of North Federal Highway.

“The man opened his door and saw two men outside the fence. The younger man, the 47-year-old White, entered the home, despite the resident’s orders to stay outside.

“The resident shot White in the abdomen. White screamed for his “daddy,” records state.

“‘Daddy, he shot me,’ White reportedly yelled.

“His father came running. The older White and the resident struggled over the gun, the resident said, and eventually the resident threw down the firearm.

“The resident felt a pain in his back. He then realized he was being stabbed, the police report said.

“The father grabbed his son, put him in the car then picked up the gun. The elder White told police he did so no one else would be shot.

“He drove nearly three miles south to his home near Lantana Road and Dixie Highway and called 911.”

Both White and the resident were taken to different hospitals, and White will be facing charges of attempted homicide and burglary with assault, according to the Palm Beach Post.

What a nightmare story.

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