17-Year-Old Girl Pulls Gun On Home Intruder


SPOKANE COUNTY, WA — We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times — firearms are equalizers, and this teenage girl just proved it.

And the best part?

The girl’s name is Kimber.

A car thief was loose near 17-year-old Kimber Wood’s home, and Kimber’s boyfriend and her parents had all gone to work, reports KHQ.

When her boyfriend ran across some sheriff’s deputies, he received some information about the thief who remained at-large, and then called Kimber to warn her.

Kimber, conscientious daughter that she was, called her dad and asked if she could borrow one of his guns for self-defense.

He, being a good father, said yes.

And it’s a good thing he did, because the family house is exactly where the car thief ended up.

Kimber grabbed a gun, put it under her pillow, and went back to sleep. She was woken up by the sound of the car thief breaking into the house. She grabbed the gun she had so wisely requisitioned and hid behind her makeup vanity.

Enter, hapless car thief.

Upon seeing him, Kimber pulled her gun and laid down the law.

“Who are you?” she said according to KHQ. “Get the (expletive) out of my house!”

And the ‘expletive out of her house’ he got.

According to Kimber, his eyes got really wide and he bolted — probably a good move. Kimber wasn’t messing around. As he was fleeing, Kimber fired a round into the floor, which, in retrospect, was probably not the best move. The guy was already running and home repairs are so costly.

The suspect stole Kimber’s boyfriend’s ATV and got the expletive out of dodge, just like she asked.

An ATV is a small price to pay for home security.

Deputies came over personally to congratulate her on her repulsion of the thief. Hopefully, she’ll never need to use a firearm in self-defense again.

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