DC Proposes May-Issue Law For Concealed Carry, So You Can MAYBE Defend Yourself After You’ve Already Been Threatened

In those wonderful ‘may issue’ states such as NY, it’s difficult to obtain a concealed carry permit unless you can show “good reason” to carry a firearm. “Good reason” usually means that you need to satisfy something along the lines of:

You carry large amounts of cash as part of your job requirement
You’ve been threatened by someone (usually a domestic incident takes place)
You feel, for other reasons, that your life is in danger
You want to flex your 2nd Amendment right

Sorry, that last one shouldn’t be in there. It’s not a good enough reason.

In other words, if you’ve already been threatened, fear for your life, or have already been injured, they’ll entertain the idea of letting you carry a firearm. Let’s just hope that your aggressor doesn’t take any action until that time.

After the recent federal court order that struck down the ban on carrying handguns in our Nation’s capital, DC has proposed a labored process that will allow residents an attempt at receiving their concealed carry permit.

In addition to this so-called “may-issue” practice, there will also be large scale exclusions from carry in government and public areas, prohibitions against open carry and, perhaps unique to the District, a potential ban on carry during public events.

But don’t worry, residents of DC, all hope is not lost. If you have a lot of money and/or are a person of ‘prominence’, you’ll likely get your permit. If not, well, DC may recommend that you get yourself a can of wasp spray.

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