Uber Driver Shot By Drunk Passenger Who Was Moving Gun From One Pocket To The Other

UPPER SAUCON TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA — An intoxicated Uber passenger thought it’d be a good idea to A) carry his firearm while drunk, and B) try to move that firearm’s location from one pocket to another while in the car… and drunk.

It ended with the Uber driver being shot in the back.

Authorities have charged Stefan Edmond Zdanowicz, 24, of Bethlehem, with simple assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief.

According to police report, Zdanowicz was highly intoxicated when he requested an Uber ride late on the night of March 5.

While riding in the back of the car, Zdanowicz tried to move a 9mm handgun that he was carrying in his jacket pocket into another pocket.

While handling the gun, it accidentally discharged and struck the driver in the left side of his back and exited his body.

When police arrived, they found Zdanowicz to be ‘legally’ carrying his firearm and had a valid concealed carry permit. I’d venture to guess that carrying while intoxicated is not legal in PA, so we’ll call this breaking the law.

He was arraigned and released on $7,500 bail.

As gun owners, we need to be held responsible for our actions, and the charges that this man received seem to be a little lenient. He could have easily killed the driver who, by the way, is recovering from his injuries.

So the question is; Should Zdanowicz be allowed to keep his permit? No mention of this was found, however we’ll pose the question anyway. In my eyes, this gun owner has demonstrated a severe lack of responsibility with his firearm and as a result, suffer the consequences of being permitless. Your thoughts?

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