Joel Osteen Church Evacuated After Shots Fired, Female Suspect Shot And Killed, 2 Injured Including Child

UPDATE @ 5:35PM EST: During a press conference, police stated that a female shooter went into the church armed with a rifle, accompanied by a small child. She opened fire, and 2 officers engaged and killed the suspect. The child was injured by gunfire, and a man was injured by unspecified means. The female suspect stated that she had a bomb, but no bomb was located.

UPDATE @ 5:28PM EST: Video reportedly from inside the church is circulating and appears to have the sounds of several gunshots in the background. Police have confirmed that a child was shot and a possible shooter was also shot. A press conference is scheduled for 5:30pm est.

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A significant police deployment surrounded Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in southwest Houston following an active shooter report on Sunday. The incident was reported to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, who arrived at the scene near the Southwest Freeway around 2 p.m.

A choir member at the church recounted hearing multiple gunshots and shared her experience of praying fervently during the crisis. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed that deputies shot a potential suspect, although details about the number of suspects involved or any arrests remain uncertain.

Reports of an active shooter fleeing the scene have also been reported but unconfirmed. Police are reportedly searching a movie theater and restaurants in the area.

This is a developing story.

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