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Man Brings Gun To Door To Respond To Police

A recently shared video shows a man answering his apartment door with a firearm in his hand.

Police were the ones who had knocked at the door, and the ensuing fallout left a bullet through an apartment wall, but no one injured.

The video, shared below, shows footage from bodycams of two law enforcement officers reportedly investigating a disturbance at an apartment complex.

It starts off pretty simply — the officers are fairly relaxed, and the door is answered when they knock.

However, the respondent is armed. The second the armed man sees the conflict that’s about to unfold, he drops the firearm and raises his hands — but he does it so quickly that it could easily be misinterpreted as bringing a handgun up to open fire.

Check out the video below, and while you do, as yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you normally answer your door armed?
  2. If you do, is there a wiser way to do so than the man in the video?
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