Armed Man Steals Tax Refund Money From Woman At Hotel, Fires Shots As He Leaves

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A woman was robbed of her tax refund money after police say a man, who she had just recently met, asked to borrow some money.

As yyou’ve probably already guessed, that’s not exactly all that he was after.

The man allegedly asked to borrow $200 and she agreed to loan it to him. He apparently knew she had recently cashed her tax refund. When he knocked on the door, video shows him walking into the woman’s hotel. She told investigators Junior pulled out a handgun and demanded all of her refund instead.

After taking the money, he began to leave and then turned around to fire multiple rounds towards the woman.

Police are still searching for this loser, and luckily no one was injured by his bad decisions.

Your money is your business, and should remain your business. When others know what you have, some of those people will immediately find ways to take it from you. Remember that not everyone we come in contact with has the same sets of morals and ethics as we do, and some are downright disgusting people.

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