Husband Shoots Gunmen To Save Pregnant Wife’s Life During Home Invasion



A woman pulled into her driveway on the south side of Houston Tuesday morning and got out of her car. There, she was immediately targeted by two men who held her at gunpoint, took her purse, and attempted to force her into the house.

Luckily, her husband was home to heroically rescue her and their 3-month-old unborn child. Hearing his wife screaming, the man emerged from his house with his gun and exchanged fire with the two attackers, hitting one in the head and chasing off the other.

The man said he couldn’t remember how many shots he fired or even what the attackers looked like – it all happened too fast.

According to police, the injured suspect was hospitalized in critical condition while the other still remains at large. Neither the woman nor her sheepdog husband were physically injured.

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